2017 TNCBA - Team of the Year Championship

The TNCBA Team Championship will be determined by the team with the lowest accumulated score at the end of the TNCBA regular season. Teams will recieve one point for finishing first, two points for finishing second, and so on throughout the remaining positions. Each teams' five best fish will be weighed and scored at each tournament to determine a winner for the team competition. Teams will receive one "Drop" on the season to account for teams that can not make the out-of-town. Teams will drop their highest score.


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Shaun Renfro / Wes Meade - 1st place

Renfro and Meade have been on fire through the first three tournaments of the year! The summer months always bring change...can Renfro and Meade weather the storm of being the hunted?


David Crockett / David Oiler - 2nd Place

Crockett and Oiler have returned to form with both anglers siting inside the top 6 of the AOY standings. This team will only get stronger as the season progresses. Everyone else better be ready to have a fight on their hands.


Cody Dison / Keith Dison - 3rd Place

2017 started off with a speed bump and a pothole, but Douglas was just what the doctor ordered. Dison and Dison will try to defend their title on Chickamauga and claw their way back into the 2017 TOY battle.


*Drop is factored into total.

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