Fall is all about covering water and finding those active feeders. A lipless cranckbait is a great way to cover water and it is dynamite in the fall.

-Add 'lipless' to the Fall Arsenal-

Here is a spin on a tried and true finesse tactic, the Shaky Head. Mike Iconelli adds some power to this finesse tactic in the fall.

-The Power Shaky Head-

Most of the time as anglers we get frustrated by wind. We cant keep our boats in position and you cant take your foot of the trolling motor because you don't know where you will end up. The wind can be your friend during the fall months as it pushes the shad into the shallows and activates the bass.

-The Wind is Your Friend-

That exciting chill is in the air and fish are on the move. Study up and break out the cold gear, it's time to go fishing! Here is KVD with a few tips.

-Go Shallow for Fall Fish-