Finicky fish just have to be finessed...when worms and jigs have been presented in every shape, size, and sometimes takes a different profile.

-Finesse Tubes-

Fishing for spawning bass may not have to be as finesse as we all may think. In this article Shaw Grigsby talks about spinning vs. baitcast tackle when it comes to spawning bass.

-Casting vs. Spinning Gear-

Docks can be a key type of cover throughout the spawn and post spawn. Some fish will stage, spawn, and heal up, all on the same dock. The key is understanding where to focus your attention on the docks.

-5 Tips for Better Dock Fishing-

Ever wonder which part of a flat you need to focus on when the big bass are rolling in? This article will help you find them.

-Fishing Flats for Spring Bass-

Here is a great article by Jordan Lee that discusses different baits to throw in the spring depending on the water temperature.

-Spring Tactics-

The pre-spawn is always an excellent opportunity for anglers to catch a trophy bass, and this article will help you unlock the secrets to those staging females.

-Breaking Down Pre-Spawn-

One key to the spawn is locating fish, so power fishing can be a great way to cover a lot of water and locate the best fish.

-Power Fishing Spawn-

When tough conditions present themselves in the Spring, it is important to pull from all of your past experiences. Once you find fish the Spring is an awesome bite, but sometimes finding the right location and presentation can be frustrating.

-Beating Tough Spring Conditions-

In the Spring it is very important to stay ahead of the fish movement. While you are out on the water pay attention to the kind of activity that you see from other wildlife.

-The Turtle Pattern in the Spring-

As the big girls get ready to spawn, they tend to hang just off the bank in a little deeper water. A paddle tail swimbait can be a dynamite lure for these ladies.

-Paddle Tail Swimbaits for Pre-Spawners-

In the midst of the Spawn bed fishing becomes a regular tactic, but how do we get those girls to bite. Many times agitation leads to that killer instinct being revealed. 

-Tips for Agitating Bedding Fish-