When the shad start to spawn, an angler can load the boat in a matter of minutes if he or she is in the right area. The shad only spawn for a short period during the low light hours of the day and know where and how to catch those bass can be critical.

-The Shad Spawn-

When fish are in a transition it sometimes best to just cover water. Sprinnerbaits and Squarebill Crankbaits can light up the shallows. Power fishing the Post-Spawn can put five quality fish in your boat during these tricky times.

-Power Fishing the Post-Spawn-

Sometimes the Post-Spawn can be a time of frustration. The bass that were so easy to catch in less than five feet of water have now made the move for deeper structure. Here are are some great tips for chasing after those post-spawn bass.

-Targeting Early Summertime Bass-

When the dog days of Summer roll around don't find yourself trapped indoors. There are still a good number of bass shallow and pitching cover can be one of the most exciting bites in an otherwise boring time.

-Shallow Flipping and Pitching-