The TNCBA's Final Showdown

This weekend the TNCBA will be traveling to Cherokee Lake for the final showdown of the 2014 AOY Season. Temperatures are finally starting to fall and the fishing should be heating up. David Crockett is currently leading the angler of the year standings with a couple anglers hot on his heels. Tomorrow's tournament will be the anglers first day tournament since the June out-of-town event, so we will see who emerges from the darkness as a hero and who comes out a zero.

TNCBA Tournament #10 Info:

Location: 25-E Ramp (Cherokee Lake)

Time: 7:30-3:30pm

Limit: 5 Fish/Person

Size: LM-15  SM-18  SP-12

Boat Order:

1. Harvey / Vandyke

2. Chatman / Aaron

3. Pope / Oiler

4. Harvey / Gobble

5. Legg / Poss

6. Crockett / Guest

7. Dison / Dison