TNCBA Classic Results

-An utterly frigid morning eventually lingered its way into an absolutely beautiful day. The fishing came in flurries throughout different parts of the day, but most anglers reported catching their quality fish early in the day.

-TNCBA anglers also reported catching fish using several different techniques. There was a very sporadic Long-A bite that anglers had success with during different parts of the day. There were also fish caught on shallow to medium running crankbaits on the upper end of the lake, but the majority of anglers that were down lake reported catching their fish on a Damiki setup in about 25' - 50' of water. 

-When all the ice had finally melted from the rod guides and the cold weather gear had finally been escaped, the 2014 TNCBA year wrapped up with one of the closest finishes of the year. Ryan Pope was able to edge out David Crockett by 4 tenths of a pound with 3 fish for 10.7 lbs. Crockett finished 2nd with 10.3 lbs

*Congratulations to Ryan Pope...The 2014 TNCBA Classic Champion!*

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