2013 TNCBA Recap

The 2013 TNCBA battled a long, 12 tournament season to determine the TNCBA Angler of the Year. 2013 saw 6 different tournament winners and a tight points race that came down to the final event of the season. Robert Chatman had a consistent year, but two zeros were enough to land him in 6th overall. The 5th place angler, Ron Poss, had a slow start, but came roaring back to life in the end, jumping several positions late. In 4th, Keith Dison relied on a strong start to land in the top 5. David Crockett continues to be very consistent year in and year out, and this year landed in 3rd. Steve Legg finished strong in the last three tournaments to take 2nd. Cody Dison finished in the top 3, 9 out of 12 times to claim the 2013 TNCBA Angler of the Year.