TNCBA 2014: Season at a Glance

     The TNCBA will begin their year, in similar fashion to the previous 2 years, with a stop at Cherokee Lake, in February. History shows that small jigs, jerkbaits, and possibly crankbaits will be the weapons of choice. The club then returns to Cherokee in late March, which should see fish moving up and the crankbait bite going off.

     As time moves on into the spawn, the TNCBA sticks with the midland reservoir trend and hits Douglas Lake just before the new moon in April. Throw the kitchen sink at’em, it doesn’t matter, its all going to come down to who can find the best section of lake. Next stop, who knows?! This year the TNCBA includes a *Hot Lake in the month of May, which will be voted on by the club at the meeting prior to the tournament.

     The warm weather of June then welcomes the TNCBA’s out of town tournament, which will be held on Clarks Hill Reservoir, just north of Augusta, GA. The 71,100 acre impoundment is a carolina rigger’s paradise with thousands of points creating the shoreline. There is no doubt that lizards or worms, thrown deep, will play a key role, but fish should be found throughout the water column and someone who capitalizes on an early morning topwater bite, may rule the day.

     After the out of town tournament in early June, the TNCBA goes over to the dark

side for 4 tournaments in a row. The first night tournament will take place on South Holston in late June where the go-to baits will possibly be the pig’n jig and finesse worms. Anglers will then stay close to home, on Boone Lake, during the month of July. The night tournaments continue in August, on Watauga, where competitors will be in search of giant smallmouth. This year’s night tournaments conclude on a club favorite, Douglas Lake, where Wily Gobble dominated the field in 2013, with 3 fish for a total of    12 lbs.

     With the night behind us, the TNCBA concludes the season with another question mark. The club will again vote on a hot lake during the October meeting, prior to the tournament. The tournament committee also decided to move the TNCBA Classic to the month of November, which will allow for more excitement and participation. The 2014 season promises to be one of new opportunity and diversity. Good luck to all who compete and with that said, Lets GO Fishing!