Don't Go Postal on a Post Front

Friday morning's strong storms have left us with conditions that most anglers dread. Saturday morning will greet us with post frontal conditions, a high pressure system with bright sunny skies that follows a storm system. The other negative to this past system is the fact that our water has more than likely been muddied by the torrential rains that swept through the region. Although there are some negatives, focus on the positives and don't go postal. The bright sunny skies will ensure that we are getting maximum warmth into the water and if you find the right mix of mud and water, the fish could be less finicky in the stained water. With the majority of the rain falling early Friday morning, there should still be some parts of the main lake that are clear and not yet stained. Another positive is the fact that our water is on the rise which will be an added incentive for the bass to move a little shallower. Everything from the length of day to the warm nights this past week has those fish ready to get moving, so hopefully we will be greeted by a better bite than we expect.

-Check out the TVA website and Weather Channel more info-

Fish the moment and fish your strength. When we try to fish what we see other anglers doing or we try to fish what won the event last year, all we end up doing is meandering around the lake without any confidence. When you get on the water tomorrow morning, read the conditions and if you are not feeling it somewhere pull that trolling motor up and keep moving. The fish will be biting somewhere on Cherokee so be the boat to find them and don't stop moving until you find the big ones.

See you on the water!