Boat Numbers: TNCBA #2 on Cherokee

-At our last meeting on March 10 the club discussed the rules, times, and location of our upcoming tournament on Cherokee, March 22. The time has been changed to 7:00am - 4:00pm due to daylight savings. The size limits are 12in. Spots, 15in. LM, and 18in. SM. Each angler can keep a total of 5 bass. We will launch from 25-E and congregate in Turkey Creek.

Boat Numbers for TNCBA #2

- Boat #1 : Lynn Feagins/Debbie Feagins

-Boat #2 : Kelsey Harvey/Keith Dison

-Boat #3 : Bob Harvey/Robert Chatman

-Boat #4 : Ron Poss/Steve Legg

-Boat #5 : David Crockett/David Oiler

-Boat #6 : Ryan Pope/Wiley Gobble

-Boat #7 : Cody Dison/Greg Pugesek

-Boat #8 : Josh D./Cameron S.

-Boat #9 : Alan Jackson/Reg Edwards

-Boat #10 : Mike Vandyke/Joe Johnson