Get Out on the Water!

     The Tennessee Christian Bass Anglers are off for the next 3 weeks, but that doesn't mean you have to sit at home waiting for our next tournament. You can hangout at the house and read all the magazine articles you want or study every map you can find on the upcoming lake, but there is nothing out there that can compete with time on the water. Confidence is essential when comes to being successful on the water and you will gain that confidence through trial and error during your fishing day. Get out there and fish areas of the lake that you have never tried or spend a whole day on a technique that you have always wanted to use but don't have much confidence in. Each time you launch your boat, your goal should be to learn something new. If you don't try to learn something you can get stuck fishing the same stuff, the same way, and getting the same results.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." -Albert Einstien-

     There are plenty of tournament opportunities over the next couple weeks if your are the type of angler that would rather be fishing competitively than just free fishing. On Saturday, April 5th, there will two options on the table. The Non-Typical Ministries Series will be making a stop on Watauga Lake for their second tournament of the series. The Non-Typical Ministries series has a very friendly atmosphere is a great opportunity to fish with a Christian organization. *For more information on the Non-Typical on Watauga check out our calendar. If would like to get some extra time on Douglas before our next tournament you could fish the Tom's Marine trail on April 5 or the FLW BFL on Douglas, April 12th. 

-There are plenty of opportunities to go fishing, so get on the water and learn something NEW!!!

God Bless,