Here comes the 2015 TNCBA season!...Are you ready?

     Well anglers, in exactly one month the first boat will be launched into Cherokee Lake for the start of the TNCBA 2015 season. At this point the anticipation is about to explode from my veins! If I don't get back on the water soon, I may have to make a stop by Pet Smart and buy some fish to put in my bathtub so that I can do some fishing. There is nothing like the start of a new season. With a clean slate and everyone tied atop the AOY standings, each angler is hoping to get off to a great start at the first tournament of the year, I know I am. Every year since I have fished the TNCBA I have never been able to earn more than 92 points in the first tournament of the year. That is goal number one for me heading into the 2015 season, I want to walk away from Cherokee with no less than 95 pts. My season long goal is to bring a fish to the scales in every tournament.
 Goals are always a great way to keep your attitude up beat and help you push yourself, so before February 21st rolls around write down some goals for the 2015 TNCBA season and check them off throughout the year.

     After the close points race that we had in 2014, lets do a little arm chair fishing and make some predictions for the 2015 AOY race:

1. 2015 TNCBA AOY Champion - Crockett

-This has to be one of the hardest outcomes to predict this year. We have a stacked house gunning to be angler of the year. If we look at the model for consistency the obvious choice would have to go to Crockett. Crockett is a title contender every year and he is always there at the end. With one or two things going his way in 2014, he would have had his name on the trophy once again. Crockett is hard to bet against and I look for him to string together consistent top 5's, and mix in 2 or 3 wins that will propel him to the 2015 TNCBA AOY.

2. The Contenders - Legg / K. Harvey / Gobble

- If there is anyone that has rivaled the consistency of Crockett it would have to be Steve Legg. I think it is safe to say that there is no one more deserving of the title than Legg. Legg is consistent, and can put together hot streaks like no other angler in the club. If Crockett falters my money is on Steve Legg in 2015! The next two anglers are relatively new comers to the AOY discussion. Kelsey is on a roll from 2014 and if he keeps up this momentum into 2015, he will be a force to reckon with throughout the year. Had we added back in the two drops for 2014, Kelsey would have smoked every other angler in the standings. A little bit higher average finish and Kelsey will definitely be in the mix in October. Gobble is my third contender for this season. He has won the AOY title before and although he had a little bit of an off year, I look for Gobble to bounce back to his old form in 2015. Gobble knows how to grind it out when the fishing turns tough and after the past couple seasons, it looks like these lakes are bottoming out in their cycles. Look for Gobble to make another push for his second AOY.

3. The Dark Horses - Pope / Oiler /B. Harvey

- Pope is a recent new comer to the TNCBA, but if time on the water translates into success then Pope will definitely be near the top of the leader-board on a regular basis this year. Pope spends more time on the water honing his skills than any other TNCBA angler and that is sure to translate into results. I expect Pope to make the biggest jump in the standings from 2014 to 2015. Another dark horse for the 2015 season is Oiler. Oiler is the kind of angler that you don't see coming until he slaps you right square in the face with a sack of bass! Oiler had a strong 2014 season, finishing 5th. Look for Oiler to build on his results from last year and make the other contenders sweat come October. Bob Harvey is my final dark horse for 2015. Bob is more pumped about this TNCBA season than I have ever seen him before. Bob has had strong starts in the past, but for Bob it all comes down to the 2nd half of the season. If Bob can put it all together in 2015 he may be the last man standing at the end of October.

 Well, I guess that is enough arm chair fishing, now its back out to the garage to finish maintenance on my reels and organize my tackle. Get out there on the water boys and stretch a line. February 21st will be here before you know it...are you ready?