TR. #10 Boat Position and Point Scenarios

Boat Positions for Douglas 10.24.15:

  1. Steve Legg / Ron Poss
  2. Josh Olinger / Brad Irwin
  3. Ryan Pope / Wiley Gobble
  4. Lynn Feagins / Debbie Feagins
  5. Keith Dison / Cody Dison
  6. Bob Harvey / Kelsey Harvey
  7. David Crockett / David Oiler

     The point scenarios for this decisive tournament are insane. With all of the drops having been used up earlier in the year, we could see several different outcomes:

Scenario #1 : 90%

In scenario 1, our top two anglers bring fish to the scales and duke it out, "mano-e-mano!" Steve Legg and Keith Dison are currently tied atop the 2015 TNCBA AOY standings with one tournament to fish. So, essentially whoever brings the most weight to the scales will be crowned our 2015 Angler of the Year, but there are always bonus points that could play a spoiler. Any ties would go to Steve Legg, who has accumulated the most weight to this point in the season. So even if Keith Dison finishes one spot ahead of Legg, Legg could pull out a tie by bringing the tournaments big fish to the scales. Theoretically Legg is in the cat-bird seat with the ability to take the win with a a tie or by finishing ahead of Dison. Dison must go on the full offensive and do everything he can to put as many positions as he can between himself and Legg. We are just a little over a week away from finding out how this story ends!

Scenario #2 : 8%

Our second and third scenarios receive a very small probability rating, but if there is a collapse of Roman Empire proportions, these guys will be there to take the throne. Both Kelsey Harvey and Bob Harvey are within 90pts of the two leaders and since Legg and Dison have used up all of their drops the points are black and white. If both Legg and Dison were to zero, the Harvey's would only have to finish in the top ten to jump ahead of Legg and Dison. Kelsey has the upper hand with a six point lead and a sizable gap in the weight differential. It may seem a bit of a reach, but with the events that have transpired this year, anything is possible.

Scenario #3 : 2%

This is our final possible scenario. Ryan Pope is just barley within striking distance of the leaders. He sits 98pts out of first place and if the top four anglers are unable to bring fish to the scales He will have a shot, but it would not be a lock. Even with all four anglers ahead of him, Pope would still need to finish in the top three at Douglas to take the AOY title.

     So there you have it...this final tournament of the year is go to be a nail bitter and with the ups and downs that this season has seen, we don't know where anyone will end up...who will be the 2015 Tennessee Christian Bass Anglers, "Angler of the Year"?