Douglas Lake : Fishing Reports

During the past week a few of our TNCBA members have had the chance to get out on Douglas Lake for a little practice time and they have been kind enough to share some details about what is going on down on Douglas.


Saturday, March 21st

Conditions: Partly cloudy with a low of 45 degrees and a high of 65 degrees.

Water Temp: Upper 50's to Low 60's

Water Clarity: Stained

Location: Mid-Lake (Dandridge Area)

Report: Fish were caught on both crankbaits and a tube. The Harvey's caught their fish moving back into creeks and spawning areas, but they struggled to find keeper size largemouth and smallmouth bass.



Douglas Lake
Fished: 3/23/15
Time: 7:30am -3:00pm
Water Temp.: 55 (morning); 61 (afternoon)
Water Level: still about 25-30 ft. from full pool
Fishing yesterday was slow. Although a beautiful day, the fish were rather lax to respond to much of anything. Started fishing jerkbaits and small crankbaits on rocky banks, but no fish to be caught.
Worked from Dandridge to Indian Creek and back down to McGuire creek. Water was stained to some extent everywhere on the lake; although more stained toward Indian Creek and least stained towards the dam. Caught 2 non-keeper smallmouth mid-morning on a crankbait. Later in the afternoon, I caught a larger (but still non-keeper) smallmouth and a keeper largemouth on a jig. A rather disappointing day for Douglas.
In review of the day, I marked many fish off the banks, partially suspended and scattered, but not shallow. According to TVA data, the lake level dropped a little in the last few days. This may be part of the reason why they weren't closer to the banks. Based on the water temps, the jerkbait and silver-buddy bite is mostly over now. The top-water bite should be around the corner.
The fish could move up quickly in the next couple days and really turn on.......then again, maybe not. The crankbait bite may be a little unpredictable due to the water color/clarity and the lake level fluctuation. My recommendation is to have a jig tied on, a spinnerbait, and bring crankbaits covering shallow to deeper water (KVD 1.5 to 6XD).

-Hopefully this information will help you put together some sort of game plan for Saturday. I look forward to seeing everyone on the water!

Cody Dison