Down to the Wire!

     It is a two man show atop the 2015 AOY title chase and things couldn't get much closer. The summer stretch of the 2015 TNCBA season has been a very humbling one. Several individuals have failed to catch a single bass in all three night tournaments and the average weights for those tournaments have been extremely low. Cherokee saw only two fish caught all night and Holston allowed only one fish for three of the four anglers that caught fish.

     Watauga provided a little reprieve for some, and at least for those that were struggling, the full moon made for a beautiful night. The bite was very finicky all night and it seemed like the person in the front of the boat was the only one getting bit. Keith Dison was the only angler that was able to manage a limit and bring a little over 8 lbs. to the scales. Kelsey Harvey and Greg Pugesek were the only other angler to bring more than one fish to the scales. With both anglers bringing to fish to the scales, this created a small buffer between Dison and Legg. This small buffer was just enough to give Keith Dison a one point lead over Steve Legg.

     With just two tournaments left in the season its all going to come down to the spoilers, the individuals that are going to finish in between these two anglers or take big fish points awayfrom their grasp. Mistakes from this point on will be disastrous and we can rest assured that this will come down to the final tournament. The club will vote on where the 9th tournament of the season will be held in their upcoming September meeting.

Top 2 in Points:

  1. Keith Dison 597 pts
  2. Steve Legg 596 pts