"TNCBA Dock Talk - Boone to Decide 6th and the AOY Champion"

80...83...83...81...60...BOOOM...59 degrees that is! Can anybody say cold front?

There is not going to be any wondering where Fall is come tournament time Saturday.

There is a lot on the line Saturday...probationary TOY...sixth place in the AOY...and the AOY Championship. We have a close race for the final spot in the the top six...there are three anglers fighting for sixth. Wiley Gobble and Keith Dison are tied at 578 pts and David Crockett is just three points back at 575 pts. Both Gobble and Dison have used all of their drops...so they are fishing straight up against each other. Crockett has an 89 pts. to fall back on and even though it is not a very high score, it could be the difference maker in a potentially tough tournament that could see some zeros. Dison holds a slim three pound lead in the weight tie-breaker that could come into play Saturday.

The other battle that will be taking place on the water Saturday, is the 2016 AOY Championship battle. Cody Dison currently sits in first with a two point lead over Ryan Pope. Cody jumped into the lead with a win and two bonus points on Watauga, while Ryan faultered. Cody sits with 602 pts. and he has a fall back score of 97 pts. so the lowest point total possible for Cody is 699 pts. Essentially this means that Ryan must finish at least second to score 99 pts. and tie Cody, but wait...Dison has a 20 lbs. lead in the total weight tie breaker, so a tie will not do Ryan any good. So Ryan needs to WIN...and grabbing some bonus points wouldn't hurt. Need less to say, Saturday is going to be a nail bitter and every ounce is going to count! May the best angler win!

The last points battle to discuss is the TNCBA TOY which is on a probational period for this year. The top three teams are separated by four points and with at least ten teams competing the competition is wide open. Teams receive points based on their finishing position. One point for first, two points for second, and so on. The lowest score wins. Dison and Dison sit in first with 24 pts., followed by Harvey and Harvey with 26 pts., and Pope and Gobble with 28 pts.

Alright...enough about the points...lets talk about the actual fishing.

Water Temperature right now...70-72 degrees

Water Clarity right now...stained down towards Picken's Bridge and clearing towards dam.

Current Conditions...bait is stacking up in the back third of pockets and creeks. Bass are moving but they are not concentrated yet. We are still in the Fall funk. This cold snap should energize them and snap them to attention and remind them that Winter is coming.

Good Luck to all fishing Saturday!!!