SoHo Fishing Reports

Friday 2.19.16 - Report from Ryan Pope

River has more color and is a few degrees colder on Thursday temp was 43 in River. Not much happening up that direction.

Bite seems to be best mid lake to lower end. Main channel all the way to the last points in the backs of the creeks and pockets seems to be producing some smallmouth. An occasional largemouth is mixed in with them. Morning bite is best with fish pushed up in feeding schools. Once the sun gets out they scatter for the most part and or suspend. water temps are coming back up from Thursdays temps. 46 degrees was highest for me. Winter bite is definitely in full swing with the Damiki bite as king. 30-50 feet deep. Jerkbait bite seems to be slower now that the water temp has come down. Rig has not turned on yet. Only had one rig bite at 30 feet deep. Knocked slack in it but didn't eat it.    

Friday 2.19.16 - Report from Dison's

Water Temp - 44 degrees and warming to 48 degrees

Water Clarity - Upper End: 0-3 ft / Lower End : 7 ft +

Conditions - Mostly Sunny Skies / 30 degrees warming to 58 degrees / Wind - increasing throughout the day

Notes:  We started our morning of around Ob Know fishing main lake points and channel swings without any bites. Then moved towards the middle of the lake where we found a couple good schools of Damiki fish, but could not get any to commit. Damiki bite is short lived early in the mornings. Then hit a few mid lake channel swings and caught three. Moved down to the spillway area around noon and graphed fish suspending in about 5-15 ft, but no takers on that end of the lake. Finally, we moved up into Virginia, but the water was more stained and about five degrees colder than the rest of the lake. Bites on Thursday came on a SilverBuddy, Tightline Fly, and Smoke Grub.

Saturday 2.20.16 - Report from Dison's

Water Temp - 45 degrees and warming to 46 degrees

Water Clarity -  Middle: 7 ft + / Lower End : 7 ft +

Conditions - Overcast/ 45 degrees warming to 58 degrees / Wind - steady throughout the day

Notes:  On Friday we focused mainly on our productive areas from Thursday. We worked channel swings and bluffs on the middle and lower end of the lake. With overcast skies the water temperatures never really changed. Damiki fish were still finicky as the morning wore on, but we did manage to catch two. From that point on we focused our attention on our other two most productive baits, the tightline fly and SilverBuddy. We managed to catch three more throughout the rest of the day off of bluffs and channel swings.

*Over the course of two days we had 8 fish with 6 of them being keepers.

Tackle Breakdown:

Damiki - 2

Tightline - 4

SilverBuddy - 2