Cherokee Fishing Reports

Lynn Feagins Report: Tuesday, March 15th

I fished Cherokee from 930 am to 230 pm yesterday. Put in at the white church and fished the upper end down to the berry farm. Water temp was 56 to 60 degrees and the water was muddy to stained depending on location. Caught several slicks on a TD Minnow and a small crankbait. Caught one walleye on a crankbait in Poor Valley (go figure)! Did not have a keeper bass.

Dison's Report: Thursday, March 17th

Conditions: Bluebird skies with 5-15 mph winds picking up after noon. Air temperature started in the 50's and warmed into the mid 60's.

Water Clarity: Stained with 1-2' of Visibility

Water Temp: 60 - 62 degrees from Falls Creek down to Macedonia. Main Channel basically as warm as pockets.

Notes: Caught 16 fish total with 10 keepers. Big fish being between 2.5 - 3 lbs. Ten fish came on a tightline fly, five fish came on a crankbait, and one fish came on a swimbait. The majority of keepers came on bluffs and 45 degree banks with the fly, with a couple coming on crankbaits in 2-10' of water.