South Holston Fishing Report Tuesday Night...

Time-     7:30pm to 10:30pm

Conditions-     Air temp was 90 degrees when we got on the water and quickly cooled into the low 80's as the sun went down. The water is very clear 5'+ of visibility. The water temperature was hovering around 82 and 84 degrees. The water was at full pull, but is falling. There was a lite breeze and it got dark a little after nine. 

Report-     We started out in a creek down the lake and had two on a buzzbait (white) around dusk as the sun was setting. We then moved out onto a secondary point moving out of the creek and caught one on finesse worm (green pumpkin).  Finally, we moved back down towards Ob Knob to a main lake bluff and caught four on a small finesse jig (brown and orange). Watson's carries them in those small bins on the bottom of the shelves where the jigs are. Out of those seven only two were keepers.

Thoughts-     The creeks will play a role if you want to aim at finding a keeper largemouth before it gets dark. I feel that the first four to five hours will be slow as usual unless this cool snap turns them on. The big girls will move up on the points and bluffs later in the night during the 1am-4am period. We saw a lot of people from the Tuesday night rodeo fishing long points and off-shore humps.  Staying patient will be key!

*Crockett Report from Tuesday Night:

We caught 3 or 4 last night. One on a crankbait before dark in a creek, a couple on a purple and brown tube, and one one a red hair jig. Fish seemed to bite better down lake.