"TNCBA Dock Talk - South Holston Night"

Come over to the dark side they said...it will be fun they said...night fishing is the best...said no one ever!

I understand that night fishing is a necessary evil during these hot summer months, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I prefer my nights be spent with my eyes closed and my head on a pillow. Well, that's enough about my thoughts...so lets dive into our first night tournament of the year.

As the water temperatures creep into the mid 80's, the amount of oxygen in the water near the surface is at an all time low for the year. Heat and low oxygen content also means a slower metabolism. Bass do not feed as regularly during these summer months so it is very important to key in on the feeding times...typically early morning and middle of the night.

With the surface temperatures in the 80's bass migrate to deeper water where they find cooler and more oxygen rich locations. Bass are in search of areas where they can move from shallow to deep and vice versa, quickly. This makes bluffs and long points ideal...and bass are migrators similar to birds...so they return to the same locations each year. Focus on the same areas where you have located bass during the winter or early spring. Also keep in mind that these bass will move up and down through out the night as they feed, so return to areas to check periodically.

So lets finish up by talking about tackle...you have your norms...a jig, a worm, a tube...those are staples of night fishing. Move slow and methodically and cover areas where you have located fish...but...don't for a second think that a bass will not eat a moving bait. Crankbaits and Spinnerbaits can be killer during the night...so mix it up as you go. Colors differ based on the amount of light you will have reflected by the Moon. When there is a New Moon or cloud cover...resulting in little or no light...you want to use black and blues or darker colors. Dark colors create a better profile for the fish to focus on in the water. With a Full Moon you will want to use red and white or brighter colors that will reflect as much of the light as possible.

I will start my night in a creek hoping to locate largemouth that are feeding just before the Sun goes down. Once the night sets in we will begin rotating points and bluffs. I will switch up between a crankbait, spinnerbait, and jig. Patience will be key though as I expect the best bite to happen between 1am and 4am.

Other than some warm clothes...it is always a good idea to bring a sleeping bag and pillow...ZzzzzzZzzzzz!

See you on the Water!