Thursday Fishing Report - Patrick Henry

Water Conditions:     The water was in the upper 70's to lower 80's throughout the lower end of the lake. The lake has a slight stain to it and visibility of 2'-3'. There was decent current due to the rains that we have seen.

Weather Conditions:     The night before we had several lines of storms push through. The morning started of in the 60's and never rose above 75 degrees while we were on the water. The sky was overcast all morning with showers moving through all day. The wind was calm during the morning and then picked up to 10-15mph around 10am.

Fishing Notes:     We started the day off down the lake pitching a black and blue jig into lay downs and picked up two keepers before daybreak. Once it was light out we began throwing topwater and had a solid fish blowup on a buzzbait, but didn't take it. The shad spawn that was happening during the last report was over on the lower end of the lake. Other than the blowup on the buzzbait, we didn't have any other topwater action. We then started focusing on rock banks and docks with squarebill crankbaits and spinnerbaits and flukes. We had one keeper slap at a squarebill off the end of a dock and then caught a few short fish on a squarebill crankbait throughout the day. After focusing on docks and rocky banks, we moved back to laydowns and picked up one more keeper on a green pumpkin jig. Towards the end of our day threw worms on bluffs with nothing to show for it.

All in all we had three keepers on the day, but the bite was slow. Our quality fish have come on jigs the last two times out with smaller fish eating crankbaits. Laydowns have been key and the docks that we have gotten bit on were stationary.