TNCBA Dock Talk #4: "TVA, What More Can You Say"


It is officially upon is Chickamauga Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you pack your bags and organize your tackle, make sure you got big baits and big line. While not every fish you catch will be your new personal best, there are lots of 7's, 8's, and 9's swimming around in that green tented water of this TVA lake.

The Big Bass Tour event just held this past weekend saw three over 9 lbs brought to the scales in Dayton, TN and several over 6 lbs.

The "Chick" has been flowing high this spring and with that high water there has been an excellent population of bass shallow. That high water also means a lot of we speak right now...they are churning 47,000 through the dam, and with the rain we have in the forecast I don't see things slowing down much.

This tournament will be a tale of two lakes...

There are lots of bass shallow feeding on shad and bluegill that are spawning, but there is also a wave of bass that are migrating back out to deeper water.

Focusing on your strengths will be key to this tournament. You don't want to get away from what you do best and waist time wandering around. Last year the chatterbait was the closest thing to a pattern, but this year the bass seem to be much more active. If you focus shallow, key in on baits that you can keep just above the grass and don't rule out a frog just because the grass isn't matted up. Even your shallow bass will be deep water oriented at this follow the creek channels closely as you fish these sloughs, backwaters, and creeks. Deeper grass this time of the year is a great stopping point as bass head out to deeper points and ledges.

If you plan to get out deeper, you are going to have to trust your electronics. There is to much water out there for you to try and fish every point and ledge that looks good. If you haven't yet, take a look at the video TNCBA shared on Facebook about graphing deep water. Good ledge baits for this week will consist of swimbaits, crankbaits, and magnum shaky heads. If the bite gets tough, don't be afraid to downsize line and maybe even breakout a drop shot.

One last thought before we get this party started...

There have been several very large tournaments weigh-in at Dayton Boat Dock in the past month. That is thousands of very healthy fish being released right there at our launch site. Don't think you have to run 40 miles to find a good place to fish...sometimes the sweet spot is right under your nose.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Chickamauga...stay safe and swing for the fences...there's monsters in them there waters!!!!!