1. The tournament committee will determine the time and location of each tournament. Each site will be discussed and voted on within the committee. The end of year Classic date will also be set. The tournament schedule will be determined and distributed by the 1st club meeting of each calendar year. Day tournaments will not exceed 10 hours in length and night tournaments will not exceed 8 hours in length. Crossover tournaments that cross from day-to-night or night-to-day will not exceed 8 hours in length.


2. Tournaments will be classified as honor start or draw-for-position. For honor start tournaments, club members may trailer and launch at their ramp of choice for more convenient access to a desirable fishing location at the tournament start time. No fishing is allowed until the tournament start time (honor system).


For draw-for-position tournaments, participants will gather prior to the starting of the tournament at a safe location on the water near the designated ramp. The tournament committee chairman will announce this location at the club meeting prior to the tournament. The drawing for start positions will be held at the previous meeting. Late entries will start after the last position. The last entry drawn will be the official starter boat. Boats will start the tournament based on the position drawn for that tournament. You may trailer your boat, but you must be present and remain at the ramp near the safe starting location for the start of the tournament; until your position is called.


3. All fish will be measured and weighed by the tournament committee members. All live fish, with the exception of a trophy, must be released. We will play an active role in the catch and release program. During all club activities, we must show the best examples in sportsmanship.


4. The creel limit per tournament is currently 5 fish per person. This includes all tournaments, except those falling between the months of June and September. For tournaments between June and September, the creel limit is 3 fish per person; unless otherwise specified by the tournament committee for a given tournament. Based on club feedback, the tournament committee may vote to decrease or increase the individual/boat creel limit annually. All creel limits must be in accordance with the state fishing regulations. Fish must be culled immediately. Each member may weigh only the fish they caught toward the individual weight, points, and "Big Fish" that he/she has caught.


If the tournament committee schedules a club tournament designed to specifically to coincide with a tournament of another organization (ex. Non-Typical Ministries, etc.), TCBA members are not obligated to participate in the concurring tournament. The TCBA scales will be open at tournament completion to record individual weights as usual. However, for those opting to participate in the concurring tournament, the following rules apply:


a) Any TCBA members wishing to participate in another concurrent tournament are personally responsible for any additional tournament expenses required.


b) For concurrent tournaments having an individual format: individual total-weight results are to be recorded at the designated organization’s scales and reported to the TCBA tournament director for individual club member tournament scoring.


c) For concurrent tournaments having a team format: the team total-weight results are to be recorded at the designated organization’s scales and reported to the TCBA tournament director. The individual club member tournament weight will be calculated at 50% of the respective team weight.


d) Members participating in concurrent tournaments who weigh in at the designated organization’s scales are exempt from gaining any big fish bonus points for that specific tournament.


5. All fish must be a minimum of 12 inches in length unless otherwise stated by law. Fish will be measured with mouth closed on the Golden Rule board. A board will be provided for anyone to use prior to weigh in if needed. Fish brought to the scales more than 1/4" short of the limit will result in a penalty of 8 ounces per fish. A 1-pound dead fish penalty will be imposed for each dead fish brought to the weigh-in.


6. Participants must check out and have their fish weighed by the tournament committee. Each angler is responsible to bring their own weigh-in bag, and must bring their catch to the scales in a separate bag. All fish must be in the bags - no exceptions. TCBA will have a minimum stock of extra bags for exceptional circumstances.


7. Everyone must be at the weigh in by the designated time. Each participant will be penalized 2 ounces per minute up to 15 minutes (30 ounces). Persons arriving more than 15 minutes late will be disqualified and receive no points. The weigh in will commence 30 minutes after the tournament end time. This allows time for participants to get organized (clean and secure boats, store rods and tackle, etc.) in order to optimize weigh in efficiency.


8. There is a 24 hour off-limits tournament rule for each local tournament lake. A 5 day off-limits tournament rule applies for the year-end classic lake. No off-limits tournament rules apply for the annual out of town tournament.


9. Any questions or rules infraction, concerning a tournament, will be addressed to the tournament committee chairman within 30 minutes of the end of the tournament. Tournament committee decisions will be made in a prompt manner and results final.


10. All fish must be caught live and in a conventional sporting manner. Only artificial lures may be used with the exception of pork trailers. Only 1 fishing rod may be used at a time and no trolling will be allowed.


11. Participants must wear a USCG approved life preserver whenever the boat is under power. The kill switch must also be used. The bilge pumps and aerator should be in good working order.


12. At the meeting following each points tournament, certificates will be awarded for big fish and the top 5 team finishers, based on total boat weight. Individual tournament points will be awarded as follows; 100 points for first, 99 points for 2nd, 98 point for 3rd, and so on. One bonus point will be awarded for big fish, 5 lbs and over for largemouth and 4 lbs and over for smallmouth, and spots 3 lbs and over. Bonus points on big fish will be part of that tournaments score. Additionally, there will be one bonus point awarded for biggest fish of the tournament. If the tournament score for an angler is dropped, the big fish points for that tournament will be dropped also. Individuals who have paid-for and fished a given tournament but do not weigh in a fish will be awarded 10 points for participation. Club members will receive one additional point, for each scheduled meeting they attend up to a total of seven meeting points. These will be added to the final year end point totals. Meeting dates will be determined and distributed at the 1st meeting of the New Year. No additional points will be given for attending any other club functions, i.e. committee meetings, or any called or unscheduled events.


13. All paid members who have fished at least half of all club tournaments for the year are eligible to fish the Classic. The Classic does not count toward the year end points race and will be a draw tournament. All rules apply for the Classic, except there will be an off limits rule of 5 days prior to the tournament date, on the designated lake. The off limits will be 4 days if the lake is selected on the Monday night prior to the tournament. The classic lake will be voted on by those who attend the meeting preceding the tournament and prior to drawing for partners. Boat owners must register for the classic as a boater. Boats must have working live wells, aerators, and bilge pumps. The tournament Committee Chairman will determine final compliance to this rule.


14. Entry fees will be $15 per tournament for members and $12 for nonmembers. Members may pay a one-time annual tournament fee of $175.00 covering all regular tournaments providing it is paid no later than the March club meeting. Members may fish a tournament with a specific guest only one time per year. The guest may fish a second tournament during the year with a different member; yet the maximum number of club tournaments a guest may fish per year is 2 tournaments. Further eligibility requires the guest to join the club and pay membership dues before any subsequent tournaments. Guests are eligible for tournament prizes, but not the Classic Champion trophy.


15. An end of the year banquet will be held to recognize the top 6 anglers of the year and big fish of the year (largemouth and smallmouth), and classic winners. Prizes will also be given out by random drawing, dependent upon prize donations. The yearly standings will be based on the total finishes, less two drops.


16. The Club will support charities and worthy causes each Christmas and throughout the year as needs arise and finances permit.


17. Changes in tournament hours or cancellations due to inclement weather or totally unforeseen circumstances will be determined by the agreement of the Tournament Committee. If no consensus can be reached, a vote by the tournament committee members present will be taken. In case of a tie, the president will cast the deciding vote. If the president is unavailable, the vice-president will vote.


18. Each year, TCBA will have a club picnic and picnic tournament. The picnic tournament is a non-points tournament in the scope of regular club tournament point assignments. However, the club will award individual bonus points for the top 3 individual weights of the picnic tournament. Bonus points will be awarded as follows: 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd. These bonus points will remain as part of the individual’s total scored points for that year, and are not subject to be dropped with any other tournament scores.


19. Final year end point totals will determine the top six club members designated to participate in the state, regional, or club All-Star tournament, pending monies are available. Without TCBA club affiliation in the Tennessee Bass Federation, the top six anglers may participate in a regional tournament (ex. Best-of-the Best) or a TCBA All-Star Tournament. Under TCBA affiliation with the Tennessee Bass Federation, the top six anglers, as a whole, may elect to participate in a TCBA All-Star tournament, regional tournament, or State Federation tournament. The State Federation team consists of the top 3 eligible anglers as "boaters", and remaining 3 as "non-boaters" for any state tournament. The team captain is normally the top club angler in points who plans to fish on the federation team. The captain will fill the six-person team from volunteers by order of finish in total points according to rule 12.


20. If there is a tie for angler of the year, the highest total year end weight will be the tie breaker. Ties for other positions will be recognized, but total year end weight will determine position for state tournaments or similar events.


21. In club draw tournaments where you draw for partners, you must either draw for partners, bring a guest to fish with, or fish alone. If you decide to fish after the draw is made and want to fish as a draw partner, you must call the tournament director to get paired with the next available person. Anyone having to cancel on a partner should courteously contact the partner and tournament director as soon as possible.


22. We will award a most improved angler at the banquet, based on previous year standings of individuals who fished at least 7 tournaments.


23. For each club points-tournament, gift certificate and/or gift card prizes will be awarded for top anglers, pending club monies available. The number of placement prizes awarded for a given tournament is dependent on the number of anglers and boats entered. The gift certificate/card type and amounts for each tournament will be decided by the club Board of Directors and presented at the club meeting preceding each tournament. Any tournament prizes awarded will be presented at the next club meeting following the tournament.