Meetings for the TNCBA take place on the 2nd Monday of every month. The meetings are held in the Sullivan County Courthouse at 7:00 pm.




 2019 TNCBA Meeting Schedule

  • January Meeting - January 14th

Devotion: Cody Dison How-To: Cody Dison

  • February Meeting - February 11th

Devotion: David Crockett How-To: Cody Dison

  • March Meeting - March 11th

Devotion: David Oiler How-To: David Crockett

  • April Meeting - April 8th

Devotion: Cody Dison How-To: Mark Rice

  • May Meeting - May 6th

Devotion: Fred Rutherford How-To: Fred Rutherford

  • June Meeting - June 10th

Devotion: Cody Dison How-To: Cody Dison

  • July Meeting - July 8th

Devotion: Mark Rice How-To: Cody Dison

  • August Meeting - August 12th

Devotion: How-To:

  • September Meeting - September 9th

Devotion: How-To: Wes Meade

  • October Meeting - October 14th

Devotion: How-To: Steve Legg

  • November Meeting - November 11th (*Location Change Due to Veterans Day)

Devotion: Cody Dison How-To: Cody Dison