"TNCBA Dock Talk - Boone"

Go high or go low...it doesn't matter what you throw!

Spring is behind us in a general sense, even though the weather outside makes me think otherwise...don't let the weather fool you...these fish are moving on instinct and habit and instinct says, get near deep water and feed up before the water temperature gets to high.

The reports out of Boone are saying that the bass that have been guarding fry have mostly moved out, but there is still a decent top water bite...and with a tournament day that is calling for overcast skies that will produce rain and storms...I will have a Spook and buzz-bait on the deck all day long.

During these transition periods I lean myself towards summer time and deep-water areas...as bass move off the beds, they take some time to heal up before they begin to feed. Typically your fish that have moved out deeper have already healed up and they are ready to eat before the summer heat.

The struggle with Boone is that the lake is down so far that many of the points and humps are out of the water so finding the right summer time holes is not as simple as just looking at a map. So start looking at areas where you have caught or seen bass spawning and then just back yourself out to your first deep water area.

So with fish in transition, what do we do...well here is my plan for Saturday, but keep in mind I am going into Boone blind and with no time on the lake:

When I hit the water in the morning, I will have a Spook and a buzz-bait at my feet and I will try to get a quick couple of keepers on top water near channel swings and points. Once that bite slows...which I hope it doesn't...I am going to move out a little deeper on points with a crankbait or something to drag...and I will focus on bluffs with jigs and swimbaits.

I feel like the key tomorrow will be patience...we have eight hours to catch five bass. I am going into this tournament with the mindset of quality over quantity...I want to swing for the fences and have a 15lbs.+ bag, but that also means there is a high likely hood that I will come in with one or two fish as well. The key is think about how you want to approach the day...do want to catch fifty bass no matter the size or key in on 5 big bites. Throwing a jig won't always get you numbers, but typically when they eat it...it is a good one

I wish everyone the best of luck on the lake tomorrow and I hope that you find some big ones!!!