The Cherokee Clash!

     The warm morning of March 22 was a wonderful welcome to the TNCBA anglers as they launched their boats into the busy waters of Cherokee Lake. The launch was very crowded as multiple tournaments gathered in the Turkey Creek area, and the crowded conditions were only magnified as anglers looked for productive areas to fish throughout the day. Many of the top teams from Saturday's tournament seemed to settle into a productive area and milk it for all that it was worth.The water temperature hovered in the mid 50's throughout the day and led many anglers to pursue bass in the backs of creeks and pockets. The team of Harvey/Dison was one of the few teams that was able to find quality keepers in the shallows. They caught many of their fish in a small 100yd stretch of bank, throwing crankbaits in 3-4ft of water. As the day progressed Harvey/Dison slowed their presentation and were able to cull up to 19.84lbs by throwing tubes.

     The second place team of Dison/Pugesek were on the opposite end of the spectrum as they were unable to capitalize on any kind of shallow water bite. Dison/ Pugesek spent the majority of the early morning throwing square bill and lipless crankbaits in the shallows around isolated rocks without any bites. Dison/Pugesek then moved to deeper walls along the main lake were they threw an A-Rig and caught six quality keepers to bring 16.90lbs to the scales. The third place team of Poss/Legg continued their prowess of Cherokee's upper end to put together a solid catch of 16.38lbs. Poss/Legg's methodical approach with the Bitsy Bug allows them to really dissect an area that others may fly past.

     The second tournament of the year was a blast and we had a great turnout of 11 teams made up of 22 anglers. The majority of anglers caught fish and the weights brought to the scales were considerably higher than we saw in February. We saw four teams bring double digit weights to the scales and the weather could not have been better with overcast skies and temps in the mid 60's. We are looking forward to our next tournament on Douglas Lake and with the current conditions, it looks as if we could be hitting the spawn at the right time. Finally, the 2014 AOY is starting to take shape and things at the top are extremely tight. It is going to be important to bring fish to the scales and earn points in each event.

God Bless,