"TNCBA Dock Talk - Cherokee"

Spring is in the.....oh wait, what is this I see on the 5-day forecast.....a blizzard is coming?

Welcome to Spring!!!!!

Well, we all knew it was coming, the gorgeous blue bird skies and highs in the upper 70's couldn't last forever. A harsh cold front will hit our region this weekend.

But don't despair quite yet!


Using the barometric pressure forecast link above, it appears that we are going to be on the front side of this front. With this being the first major front these fish have seen in a couple of weeks, this could be a recipe for a great day on the water.

We all remember the woes of last year on Cherokee, but it appears after a couple of larger tournaments this Spring, Cherokee is back on the rise. The word at the local tackle shops is that those solid bags were caught on tightline flies and Kitech swimbaits. Since those tournaments the water has warmed considerably and fish are a little all over the map as far as location goes. The warming water temperatures have pushed some fish shallow, but the water was falling all last week on Cherokee and that probably stalled their move somewhat.

Water Level: https://tva.gov/Environment/Lake-Levels/Cherokee/Cherokee-Operating-Guide

As of Tuesday the water on Cherokee has stabilized and is even on the rise which should help the shallow bite and we have had high sunny skies each day leading up to Saturday, which should also help. Based on the fishing reports from some of our TNCBA members the shallow bite is there, but it is sporadic. The deep bite is still the most consistent bite throughout the lake.

Saturday, just as every other day on the water, will be all about confidence. FISH YOUR STRENGTH!

-My Game Plan-

When we launch our boat on Saturday it will see 30ft of water and it will see 2ft of water. There are enough keeper fish still holding on the 45's and bluffs that I will begin my day there before the wind gets up. As the day begins to warm and the wind picks up, I will begin alternating between shallow and deep. If I am able to get a limit early on my deep spots, I will spend the bulk of the rest of my day shallow. The big girls are moving shallow, there is no question about that, so I will hope to cross paths with one of those mommas and put a kicker in the live-well. 

My confidence is in the middle portion of the lake so I will not venture up beyond Falls Creek or below German Creek. (Go where your confidence is the greatest.) I will have four rods on my deck in the morning: 1. Tightline Fly   2. Jig   3. Crankbait (10')   4. Crankbait (Lipless). 

Always have some sort of goal when you head out on the water. For this Saturday my goal will be to catch four 2.5 lbs bass early and then run head on into a 4+ pounder shallow, before the day ends. I would like to have somewhere between 14-15 lbs. for the tournament.

I wish everyone the best out on the water and I look forward to see you all Saturday!!!